Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sakura Sightseeing in NinanjiTemple

I visited Kyoto with mum on Sunday( 13April) . We had a great trip seeing beautiful sakura. I was wondering if I can still see sakura in Kyoto and which is the best place to see. I phoned Kyoto tourist information centre before my departure to check which place should I go and see sakura. I was advised to go Ninajin Temple. We then headed to Osaka station to take JR line train to Kyoto. Took the 'Super Rapid' Train at platform 8, Kyoto line. Super rapid only stops at 2 stations so it is faster.
When we arrived in Kyoto station, it was already lunch time. So we got to treat the stomach first ! Mum was not so into Japanese food so she suggested to try the Chinese restaurant we saw in the underground shopping place which is just right in front of Kyoto station.

In Chinese we called it ' Shi Chuan' but in Japanese is 'Shi Shen' suppose to be spicy Chinese food.

I had this 'Tan Tan Mee' with minced pork above the noodles.

Mum had the seafood and bamboo fried noodles.

I took picture of this as I find the sauce bottles are interesting. Like Traffic light colours !

After lunch, we continued with our journey to Ninanji Temple.

This is the front entrance of Kyoto station. In front there is a bus terminal with various stops heading to different places.

We went to the tourist information centre in Kyoto station to inquire about the direction and also bought 2 daily bus ticket . It costs 500 yen and it is a day pass.
Once we bought the bus ticket and got the instruction for the directions.We walked to bus stop B 4, taking bus number 26 to go Ninanji temple.After an hour bus, I think it was nearly an hour journey which I almost felt asleep because the bus stopped at every 3-5 minutes. In between may be around 15 stops. Finally I reached Ninajin temple. This is the entrance.

Ninanji temple is one of the world heritage site. At present, this temple still having full bloom sakura.

Got 2 entrace tickets to view the sakura garden.

Sharing with you series of Sakura pictures, different types of Sakura flowers. Haha mum said don't post her pictures online. Therefore only sakura and me. Mum reads my blog too so follow her wish :P

See the big benches around like a table top ? Meant for picnic , cost 500 yen per person

People gathered around to have green tea while enjoying the sakura.

Took a picture with a 'kawaii' Japanese Kimono Girl. I told the Japanese girl that she is very kawaii (cute) in the kimono and would like to take picture with her.

We bought some specialJapanese beans before leaving Ninanji temple.

We had ice creams for tea time after leaving Ninanji temple in a small shop opposite the temp

Must have my favourite green tea ice cream in Kyoto !

Mum had the Sakura favourite ice cream ! hehe see sakura and must eat sakura too !

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